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We work in the commercial and private sectors and are used by many local authorities, government bodies, building contractors, supermarket chains and
national companies.



Pressure jetting is an effective way of cleaning a variety of surfaces. It is
ecologically friendly, causes very little inconvenience, and a minimum of
mess. It is mainly used for exterior surfaces but is ideally suited for
factory/warehouse floors, etc. Tall buildings/structures can be accessed
by scaffolding or a hydraulic lift.


Graffiti can be anything from a nuisance to humiliatingly embarrassing,
but however it is regarded there is an answer - it can be removed.
Vandals are often tempted to add a bit when they see graffiti - and the
problem grows and grows. They want others to see their handiwork, but
if it’s gone the next day what’s the point?

  • Graffiti Removal

  • Rust Removal

  • Cable Duct Desilting

  • Oil Terminals

  • Chewing Gum Removal

  • Surface Preparation

  • Duct and Pipe Cleaning

  • Coke Ovens

  • Paint Removal

  • Sterilising

  • Bilge Cleaning

  • General Descaling

  • Growth Removal

  • Interceptor/Tank Clearance

  • Pipe Descaling

  • Concrete Scabbling

  • Smoke/Soot Removal

  • Confined Space Cleaning

  • Oil Lines

  • Wash Down Bays

  • Brickwork

  • Driveways

  • Supermarket Trolleys

  • Runways

  • Stone

  • Car Parks

  • Canopies

  • Warehouses/Factories

  • Concrete

  • Bridges

  • Petrol Forecourts

  • Refuse Chutes/Bins/Bin Areas

  • Tarmac

  • Subways

  • Oil Spillages

  • Recycling Points

  • Buildings

  • Road Signs

  • Commercial Vehicles

  • Machinery

  • Precincts

  • Street Furniture

  • Ships/Boats

  • Silos

  • Patios/Decking

  • Loading Bays

  • Weirs

  • Farm Buildings